Just Imagine...

  • No parish without service books
    • No church singer without music
      • No chanter without a teacher
        • Every church service on-demand
      • Everyone can follow along
    • Always have the approved texts
  • Always have the latest version
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AGES Initiatives envisions all Orthodox Churches having the texts, music, and trained singers needed to maintain the fullest possible liturgical life. To that end, it is developing a multilingual database, rubrics engine, and applications for church, home, and classroom, as well as translation tools for use in the mission field.

AGES™ is a software platform that will store, organize, and deliver Orthodox Christian liturgical texts and music to support the education of church singers, and to facilitate the smooth performance of church services, using current and emerging technologies.

With the blessing of Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta, AGES Initiatives, Inc. was founded as a nonprofit corporation by Fr. Seraphim Dedes, best known for ematins.org, which supplies free liturgical texts and music to churches worldwide. 

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