I want to thank Mrs. Tena Blain, Ms. Maria Koursaris, and Mrs. Kathy Morris for everything they have taught my son, both spiritually and academically. As a parent, I had certain goals for my child, but the two most important goals were preparedness for kindergarten and learning about the Orthodox faith.

The Preschool at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church allowed my child to be introduced to music, science, art and technology. Most importantly, he and his classmates were able to attend the weekday Divine Liturgies.

One of the biggest blessings of our church preschool was the involvement of our priests in our child's daily routine. We are so blessed to have all of them so involved in the spiritual growth of our child. I would like to conclude by saying that sending my son to the Preschool at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church was one of the best decisions we have ever made for him. He flourished both academically and spiritually because of everyone there. My family and I highly recommend this program to everyone. 

Chrissy Cordischi


 Raising our children in the Spirit of Orthodox Faith is the main goal for me and my husband. We greatly rejoiced when we found out about the establishment of the Preschool at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. We enrolled our daughter the first year the Preschool opened its doors in 2011. She attended for 2 years and loved every single day of it. We were very delighted with the fact that one of our Priests often came for prayer and that children attended a weekday Divine Liturgy on a monthly basis.

Our daughter had wonderful time playing with her friends and learning in an Orthodox environment. We are thankful to everyone who helped this Preschool to be established, and we continue to pray for many blessed years ahead of educating the young minds in a spirit of holiness. 

Tatiana Kelly



 The best part - The Preschool at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church is an Orthodox Faith-based school! Overall, we are very satisfied and thankful for the teachers, volunteers, Priests, and everyone involved in making it a learning and spiritual experience for my daughter.

She is more than ready to enter Kindergarten thanks to the Preschool at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church! I highly recommend the Preschool to everyone of all faiths and backgrounds. 

Peter Billis


 The Preschool has been a big blessing for us for the last two years of our son's education.

He has learned so many things, most importantly in an Orthodox Christian environment. The Preschool reinforces the Christian upbringing he receives at home and his love for Christ, which is contrary to secular preschool programs which confuse the children with atheist indoctrination and plant seeds of doubt.

Our son loves going to school every day, and he will greatly miss his teachers and friends at the completion of this year. 

Eleftherios Hristofas