On Godparent's Sunday we heard from one of our parents who beautifully put into words the benefits of sending your child to Orthodox Christian-based preschool.  Here is her presentation:

Let the children come to me.... as the icon depicts, Christ embraces and invites his children to gather and hear his teachings.

He invites his children into his home, his heart, as does the Panagia with her open arms.   I believe it is important to teach our children to accept this invitation before all others. 

We are blessed to have our beautiful church to surround them with the presence of Christ and teach them the Orthodox faith; and beyond that, we are given the amazing opportunity through The Preschool at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church to incorporate education and our faith, in order to build a foundation to guide them through this challenging journey of life. 

Our children are going to grow up in a world where everything is accepted ...where they will be the minority in their beliefs. I have sent my daughter through the program at The Preschool at Annunciation Church and now my son... And I have watched them have another opportunity, other than on Sundays, to be exposed to incorporating our faith with education, communication, fellowship and everyday tasks.  It has given my children an opportunity to share their faith with other Orthodox Christians, and the Annunciation Preschool has shown them that they are not alone in their beliefs. I pray and believe that even though they are still so young, the school will help guide them to living a life where Christ is incorporated in all that they do, where they begin building a confidence in their faith.

My daughter this year goes to public kindergarten and I had the opportunity to be a guest reader at Christmas time to read a Christmas story to the class... The requirement was that the book be “nonreligious”.   As Orthodox Christians we love all in this world and understand that we do not all have the same faith, however, I thought to myself what is Christmas without Christ?    As a dramatic contrast, I attended the Christmas program at the preschool here at Annunciation to witness a classroom filled with the Holy Spirit.... A skit representing the birth of Christ...songs being sung of St. Nicholas and wise men and all representations of the true meaning of life. 

This environment is embraced and represented everyday in the classroom as the children come to class seeing icons displayed, introducing the day with prayer, incorporating education with faith by doing hand and foot paint crafts of angels and crosses and the nativity. Learning the alphabet and sounds while incorporating it with words of Christ…A is for Alter, C is for Cross…My children come home excited about the crafts and activities they did at school and what they learned. They sit playing at home while singing songs of praise...Allowing me to see that Christ is within them, they are joyfully, naturally incorporating him in their everyday life. 

Now as a parent I understand your concern of “will my child get a good education like they would at other private and public schools that have been here for years with an amazing reputation.” 

Yes they will .... My daughter was more than prepared for Kindergarten.  Mrs. Blain, the teacher who has many years of experience, with the help of Mrs. Morris prepare our children for kindergarten.  Teaching them their letters and sounds, how to write their name, learn their address and phone numbers , prepare them for reading, teach them to share, interact with other children, and love the classroom … not to mention giving them the  opportunity a couple extra times throughout the year to enter  the kingdom of Christ  by attending liturgy during the week and receiving holy communion.  They have an opportunity to have one on one assistance with a smaller group of children, which I feel is very valuable in the beginning stages of education.    

At this age our children are sponges, they are easily influenced, they are ready to receive whatever fruits we provide to them. Please consider enriching them and feeding them with the opportunities this preschool has to offer.  There are opportunities to go to a couple open houses to give you comfort in your decision...we attended them before making our decision. 

Let us provide our children with the tools to accept his invitation every day. And I will end with my favorite quote.... Let Christ always show our children “the way in which they shall walk.  "

Thank You


Tena Blain
Kathy Morris


Rev. Hector Firoglanis
Lynn Diamantoni
Nitsa Kambouroglos
Kim Keares
Nicoletta Lagonis
Sally Stratigos
Maria Querry


Train up a child in the
way he should go;
even when he is old he
will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6


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