Dear Beloved Parishioner,

The base from which we serve as the Voice of Christ in a Changing World is the parish. A strong parish provides opportunities for sharing the Good News of Christ, for welcoming those that are searching for a spiritual home, and a base from which we are sent out into the world. The parish also provides a place for worship, community and education in the faith. To be stewards of the Gospel, we need to be stewards of our parish. This requires the vision and inspiration to see the parish, not as it is, but as it could be. We are called to offer ourselves and our treasure to make our local church all that it can be.

In addition to all the ministry and outreach programs that your stewardship allows the church to provide, this past year we hired a trained chanter and continue to renovate and beautify our church building and sanctuary. All these initiatives would not be possible without your continued support. We are again asking for your stewardship pledge for 2017.

Before submitting your stewardship pledge, please give prayerful consideration to the commitment you are making. A check mailed to the church is most meaningful when accompanied by your presence, your willingness to serve, and your prayers. Giving is not a substitute for commitment – it is an expression of your commitment and thanksgiving for the many blessings in your life.

Yours in Christ,

Father Hector Firoglanis, Pastor              Maria Querry, Parish Council President

Pledge Levels

Archangels $7,800+
$150 or greater weekly

Torchbearers $5,200 - $7,799
$100 - $150 weekly

Good Shepherds $3,000 - $5,199
$600 - $100 weekly

Pacesetters $1,800 - $2,999
$35 - $60 weekly

Other Your chosen amount

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