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The Annunciation Orthodox Church of Lancaster, Pennsylvania was chartered on September 9, 1921. The first Greek Orthodox Christians arrived in Lancaster from Greece in 1902 and waited nearly twenty years before acquiring their own Church building. The first Divine Liturgy was celebrated on March 25, 1922 at 215 South Queen Street, where a formerly Methodist Church became Annunciation Church.

The parish grew and flourished as more Greek Orthodox Christians migrated from Greece to Lancaster, mostly from the islands of Cos and Chios. By 1954 the need in the parish arose for a larger Church sanctuary. A Building Fund Committee commenced a drive to collect funds. In 1958 enough funds were collected for the parish to purchase a three acre plot of land at 64 Hershey Avenue. Construction of a new Byzantine style Church began in 1959. It reached completion by Pentecost Sunday when the Annunciation parishioners entered their sanctuary to celebrate the Divine Liturgy on June 5, 1960.

The general decor of the Church interior eventually took on the presence of a sanctuary consistent with the historic art and architectue of the Orthodox Christian faith, including magnificent Byzantine-style icons and stained glass windows. The atmosphere in the Church sanctuary aims to be conducive to Orthodox worship and spirituality.

Today, Annunciation Church's ministry preserves a full cycle of Orthodox worship and education which strives to enhance the spiritual life of its members. Furthermore, the parish has developed an outreach of heightened social consciousness and service to the Lancaster area and beyond. Special attention has been given to living in mission...locally, nationally, and internationally.

The parish serves more than 600 families, and continues to grow. While the congregation has had Greek ethnic origins, today it includes Orthodox Christians from many national and ethnic backgrounds, including Russia, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Eritrea, Poland, Egypt, Ethiopia, Syria, the Ukraine, and of course, many Americans who have converted to Orthodoxy from other faiths.

Our vision statement is: Receive and Share the Light of Christ!

Mission Statement

The Annunciation parish, under the jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, is a body of believers who, having been empowered by the Holy Spirit, accept our sacred responsibility to follow and promulgate the Gospel of Jesus Christ as set forth in the Holy Sacred Tradition of the Orthodox Church. We believe this mission can be realized and implemented through Leitourgia, Koinonia, Diakonia and Martyria.

  • Leitourgia (Liturgy) Regular worship at the Divine Liturgy and in the entire life of the liturgical services which sanctify our Orthodox Christian lives.
  • Koinonia (Fellowship) Encouraging Christian fellowship among our parishioners as often as possible.
  • Diakonia (Service) Reaching out in love to others in order to imitate the example of Christ who said, “The Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve…” and “He who is greatest among you shall be your servant…”
  • Martyria (Witness) Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ world-wide.
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